Sunday, April 24, 2005

My first Blog!

I am Ankur!
Writing blogs is in! so I thought I must write one too!

Feels interesting to write a blog when you're in the middle of your end semesters. Oh how much one likes lukkha... specially when its supposed to be disallowed.. but is writing a blog just timepass? maybe.. maybe not! probably for a start.. its an expression of the rebellion within me!

I seem to have wierdly rebellious thoughts which might not be really uncommon in ppl of my age.. but the expression and showdown of rebellion is awaited! Lets see when it comes about for us!

A little history of my exploits with writing!

Alright, so this is my first blog entry, though I've been writing my diary off and on for like five years now! To play safe with the privacy of the contents of my diary, I used to write in a password protected doc, starting my fifteenth b'day onwards! and then at the end of one year... I come to know that somethings' gone wrong with my hard disk.. so i take a backup on a floppy. (Internet and CD writing weren't so common those days). and then.... to my exhilaration... i lose all data.. corrupt the floppy.. and lose three hundred pages of the diary..





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