Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Death penalty for RAPE? or Castrate the Offender?

Too many incidences of young girls being victimized to a man's lust are coming to the fore of late! It probably wouldn't make much sense trying to find something or someone to blame for this highly enhanced free expression of sexual desire! We are a sexually repressed society, who happily lives in denial.. and away from all kinds of public discussions on this topic!

So the burghers of civil society pull down a police chowky, or thrash one of the accused.. rush in demonstrations.. and do all in their might as responsible citizens.. to bring to justice the criminals. And look at them, they have the audacity to put forth a wedding proposal before the victim of their malevolence!

Reports say that two women are raped every hour in India.. women? are they women? or teenaged girls.. or few month old babies! no one is spared.. no one is safe!

Okay agreed, rape as a social crime is hateable and heinous.. but what is the solution to this evergrowing menace?? Loads are for estabilishing death as a penalty for rape! but do we think it'll solve the problem.. or we're just attempting to move a step in the desired direction ?

There's death penalty for murder..but you can't place a rape equivalent to a murder.... if you sincerely take into account the damage done to the victim's life! (rape's much more serious) But then, this penalty hasn't stopped murders from happening.. and what of the poor innocent dependents of the criminal.. they didn't have a role here.. did they?

As a judiciary step, Castration of the offender seems a fair thing to do.. its a personal penalty.. and there's then enough stigma associated with the person for his remaining life.. that seems more like a good punishment for such a person!

But how often do we anyway reach the need of a judicial step?? Too many matters would go unresolved.. too many matters would even go unreported??
What of those?

Is it then about hte social stigma then associated with a victim.. making her life so much more difficult.. that scares her or her near/dear ones to come out in the open to demand justice!

More than the rapist himself, in that situation, we as the morality brigade are more serious offenders to her.. if we refuse.. or shy away from giving her the respect she rightfully deserves as a human and a woman.

Guardians of Civil society... what's your take on this??




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