Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey Fellow youth.. are we doing enough for our country??

A connection through NEN got me and a few friends to represent the ' Indian Youth' at an MTV talk show.. topic of discussion being 'Are the youth doing enough for the country?'

We reach the studio a little later than asked but still well in time.. the producers of the show seemed to be youth themselves.. a fairly good looking lady took us through the preparation of a discussion which seemed to be a rather serious one aimed at provoking throught and driving us into some action!

Dressed in western outfit, her demeanour through the preparatory discussion is impressive in terms of looking genuinely concerned and interested in the real issue!

Ok.. we're hauled into the studio.. where we're given the do's and don'ts by another guy who seems to be the head behind the whole thing.. and obviously thinking of youth motivation while at MTV was quite a deal!

At the studio, the connections with Delhi and Bangalore.. for a three-city discussion take a while.. which is as long as over an hour.. so we're generally sitting there.. ten of us (the youth) generally chatting up and killing time.. The spot boys are busy listening to the camera guys..arranging the couches and other forms of seating (or wooden pillars i should say) by color combination/symmetry and blah blah blah!

Already tired of waiting.. we are then comforted by welcoming our guest for the show that's the famous Cyrus Broacha.. and the show's hosted by the popular Cyrus Sahukar..

Over the next several minutes.. Mr. Broacha entertains us with his supreme sense of humor and his infinte capacity to talk! Imagine.. wanting to get out of the show because you've had enough humour... while you'd come in for a sensible discussion!

The discussions stays on the topic for a minute or so.. before we need to have a commercial break.. and there's a retake because the host missed out the sponsor's name while stating the name of the show.. another cut coz the host gave away Sanjay Dutt's jacket instead of his suit as a giveaway prize.. and additionally there are over a dozen cuts.. trying to remind Mr. Brocha.. that he has to let others speak.. that he doesnt' have to interrupt just about everyone to indulge his humorous tongue!

At the end of some five hours.. it's a relief that the thing seems to be close to getting over.. only thing we feel subjected to high degrees of exposure to Mr.Brocha's excessive apptetite for talking.. and while we were looking initially for some sensible talk.. we'd soon discovered that its not gonna get anywhere.. and it was only a gimmick for the independence day special episode!

We come out with a tired of humor head, an aching back.. and an irritated intellect!

So this is what the youth of the country is doing.. impersonated thoughtful youth on TV shows..looking at raunchy music videos on MTV... who doesn't think it's viable to play a few nationalistic songs once in a while.. and producing money making shows for it.. getting huge sponsorships..and using the thoughts of the modern day youth as a filler between the ads of the 24 sponsors!

The show's gonna be on Air on 13th Aug.. its called 'Kya baat hai' sorry.. 'MTV and Hutch Kya Baat hai' and I'm sure to be on air..DON'T MISS IT!!




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