Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thoughts on Corruption!

One more post.. only demanding that we wake up and smell the coffee!

I'm adding this paragraph after having written the whole thing, as in retrospect, my thoughts have started to seem like simplistic quibblings of a mind that has not really seen the functionings of the system.. so has no clue how things actually work! However, it's still giving a thought.. as I think!

If you're still interested in reading further then go on!

Before i go into harping about the graveness of the problem.. let me present a picture!

Imagine a government office:
It works six days a week
Three days : Regular file processing- no extra price, no paying anybody. The file shall take a stipulated time (lets say 3 weeks to be cleared), which is known in advance. In any case, for any applicant, the file has to come out in this stipulated time. Or the date of clearance shall be declared in advance, depending upon the load! This is the regular work.

Two days of the week: -Speed processing-There's a certain fees at the office, which speeds up the processing of your file. Instead of three weeks, it'll now be done in a week! (timing is only for namesake... make it months if you like that more) The fees that you pay for this goes to the office corpus, which is distributed among the officials at different levels as performance bonus.

One day every week: Express processing: These files shall receive special attention and cleared on the same day! But this express service comes with a price.. which is a pretty high one! work overtime.. or do whatever.. if the office is accepting a file on express service, it has to be clear the same day! lets say they accept only a limited no. of files (according to what they can handle)
The fees again goes into the corpus.. and of course.. as performance bonus to the officers according to their level!

The current basic issue with babudom is all six days of the week the files have to be loaded with some 'weight' in order to move forth... hence.. a guy who can't afford to pay the bribes.. would take three months instead of three weeks as all the time goes to the high paying files!

Effectively the new situation would be as good as corruption in terms of paying up the babus.. and also speeding up the work for those who want it that way !.. but we hit a roadblock when it comes to the tendency of people not to work.. because this demands high degree of work from all concerned..( they're getting paid extra for this damn it! ) Laziness has to be gotten over and stamped under the feet by the office in-charges! They're also free to organize parties with the funds collected on the official corpus! This way they wont' even have a complaint that the government salary is not sufficient to sustain their lives!

Another major roadblock is the conventional human psyhology! Whatever claims we might make about the sacrificial nature of Indians and their love for fellow beings.. each one wants the biggest share of the pie. (more often, he wants the whole pie to himself) We don't want to share the success! which created operational troubles on this plan! but i guess the individual in-charge at this office should be left alone to handle this situation on his own! If we're to make the whole blue print.. what's he there for!

Do I have to tell what are the problems created by corruption at this moment! Call it my perversity or whatever.. but I am not so averse to the whole concept.. If the government doesn't pay a guy enough to sustain a happy life.. He will have to look for alternate sources of money.. and you can't blame him for wanting to be happy!
But then.. I seem to have an issue (a really big one) when the ones honestly incapable of paying up are harrassed and neglected.. coz the greed for money makes us lose our head!

Desire is the sign of life.. nothing wrong with that.. but be willing to share the booty.. be willing to work. and be willing to serve.. let the nation prosper.. and you take your share of the prosperity.. don't try to get rich overnight.. jeopardizing the nation and society's future.. or I'll shoot you in the head!





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