Saturday, July 30, 2005

How about legalizing prostitution in India!

India-The land of the Kamasutra!

A couple of friends who returned from international internships mentioned that they were faced with expecations of great and exotic performances in the act of sex, considering that they came from the land of the Kamasutra!

Its kinda very difficult to organize your thoughts when you actually want to pen them down and attempt at making some sense!

I started off to write about hte situation of prostitution in India! So I guess if i necessarily have to(it's beyond my control here) I should wander only in the proximities of the main issue.. else i'll fill up a novel without conveying much of sense!

With all the Bhartiya Sanskruti flowing in our veins, does the idea of legalizing prostitution in India seem outright prepostorous? How easily do we come out with objections, recounting the terrible impact on the moralities of the young and the innocent!

What could be questioned here is who are these young and innocent we're talking about? and what parameters are we measuring them on?

How long would it take before we finally accept the reality as it is and stop living in denial! With all kinds of progress underway, are we still a sexually repressed society where it's taboo to talk about sex publicly... while it's ok to seek sexual favors from a subordinate at office or head to massage parlours to satisfy all your 'needs' or allow other outlets for the expression of your lust!

What's not happening in our own beloved respectable and 'cultured' Indian Society
Premarital Sex and abortions?

Multiple partners?
One night stands?
Teen-age Sex?
High society prostitution- Five star Call girls?
Extra-marital affairs?
Sexual harassment at workplace?
Paedophilic behavior?
Wife Swap Clubs?
Booze and Dope Parties, usually followed by sex with strangers?
Rave parties famous for the sleaze?
Sexual Violence/Molestation?
Prostitution for pocket money or just for fun ?
Sexual desire is not missing any avenue to showcase itself! What then is this moral deprivation we're talking about and whose falling standards are these? We can conveniently refuse to think about it and dismiss all this as high society tensions..and turn a blind eye to what's happening in the next door junior college !

Somehow, whenever hte media talks about prostitution, they only come out with tales of exploitation, of girls picked up from villages and remote places in Nepal.. lured by work.. and sold off to brothels.. and the torture they undergo before they give in to prostitution! They conveniently ignore the realities when young girls often do it for hobby or some extra cash!

And our so called refined, fastidious society quite conveniently looks down upon the sellers of sex! It would probably be too radical to suggest that we start looking at it as just another profession, however, legalizing it, in my opinion, would lead to a positive change in the situation.
You issue them licenses, you train them in basic hygiene and prevention of diseases, you tell them about contraception and you take away that brothel atmosphere that's depressingly full of guilt and sense of social shame. You allow them a life of dignity.. you let their kids not be dragged into the same profession and get education! You do not let depraved cops get the better of their meager earnings...
and yes.. the other dimension of high profile prostitution, there could be a tax dimension to the five star call girls. And yes.. it might actually deter the hobby sex enthusiasts from this money making as they'd hardly dare to go about seeking a license and the situation would at least not be worse.
Yes, the path is full of obstacles, the burghers of social morality wouldn't let it get anywhere.. as individuals, we've come to accepting the realities.. but as a society.. we're yet to come out of our denial mode!
Pray that it happens soon!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,just happened to visit your blog..

I agree with you as in,this solution might not be the complete one and would be really tough also,but surely it will bring the positive change in the society.

Also i appreciate your thought process!!


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